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Implementation of Reagan-Udall's Recommended Reforms for the Center for Tobacco Products Reforms
May 18, 2023

The FDA Needs More Reforms, Less Status Quo
Apr 3, 2023

Activist Journalism Is Attempting to Pollute Science on Clean Air Regulations
Mar 23, 2023

The FDA tasks the Reagan-Udall Foundation with a whitewash review
Sep 17, 2022

FDA: Fix Department, ASAP
Sep 14, 2022

Defying Markets to Promote Organics
Sep 12, 2022

With claims against pharmacies, trial lawyers are becoming a public nuisance
Jun 9, 2022

Celebrity Influence Smacks of Disdain for Rationality
May 18, 2022

Holding WHO Accountable
Apr 18, 2022

Nicotine flavor ban: A lesson in why a bill should not become a law
Jun 4, 2021

Let's Return Earth Day To Its Roots
Apr 20, 2021

Biden's Short List For FDA Commissioner: Between A Rock And A Hard Place
Mar 22, 2021

Even with vaccines, testing will take on greater role for America's COVID-19 recovery
Feb 9, 2021

The Real World Costs of Heavy-Handed Chemical Regulation
Dec 11, 2020

A Ban On Flavored E-cigarettes Would Harm Public Health
Sep 15, 2020

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