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Title Date
Coffee doesn't cause cancer and it shouldn't need a warning label June 19, 2018
FDA Creates Cigarette Confusion – Calls for Science To Back Up Policy March 15, 2018
Science and Public Health Expert Jeff Stier joins the Consumer Choice Center as Senior Fellow January 8, 2018
First Lady is Adopting a New, Highly-Ideological Anti-Hunger Campaign with Left-Wing Activist Group January 5, 2017
Impending Announcement by U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy on E-Cigarettes Draws Statement by Jeff Stier of the National Center for Public Policy Research December 8, 2016
Award-Winning Director Aaron Biebert Hosts "Winston Man" and Dr. Sally Satel for Panel on October 28th about Saving A Billion Lives October 13, 2016
FDA E-Cig Regulations Harm Innovation, Public Health August 5, 2016
Supporters of Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes as Alternative to Tobacco to Speak at Utah State Capitol February 17 February 16, 2016
Congress to Vote on Scaling Back ObamaCare's Requirement that Restaurants Print Calorie Counts in Menus February 8, 2016
Obama Administration Set to Ban Artificial Trans-Fats as Soon as Monday June 11, 2015
Jeff Stier to Speak at Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association 2015 Annual Conference May 4, 2015
Consumer Product Safety Commission Fails to Adhere to Guidelines During Process of Phthalate Alternative Rulemaking March 11, 2015
Federal Government's Dietary Guidelines Should Not Be Distorted By Environmental Activism February 19, 2015
Washington State Considers Criminalizing Holding Whales and Dolphins in Aquariums February 4, 2015
National Center Risk Analysis Division Director Comments on Michigan Governor Snyder's Veto of Bill to Ban Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors January 16, 2015
National Center Risk Analysis Division Director Comments on Michigan Governor Snyder's Veto of Bill to Ban Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors January 16, 2015
Observers, Press Kicked Out of United Nations Tobacco Conference in Moscow October 22, 2014
Bloomberg Anti-Smoking Campaign Has Been a Failure for Years: New Government Numbers Prove It September 16, 2014
RAD Director Jeff Stier to UN Panel: Private Sector Involvement is Key to Fighting Non-Communicable Diseases June 20, 2014
Statement by Risk Analysis Division Director Jeff Stier at United Nations Interactive Hearing on the Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases June 19, 2014
Activists Try to Take the Joy out of Summer for Children and Adults June 12, 2014
Think-Tanks Join to Urge New York State Legislature to Hold Fair E-cigarette Hearings May 12, 2014
Statement by Risk Analysis Division Director Jeff Stier on Chicago's Decision to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags April 30, 2014
Statement of Jeff Stier on FDA's Announcement on E-Cigarette Regulations April 24, 2014
Statement in Response to Chimerix Decision to Make Experimental Drug Brincidofovir Available to Seven-Year-Old Boy March 12, 2014
Los Angeles City Council Votes to Treat Much-Safer E-Cigarettes Just Like Dangerous Tobacco Cigarettes March 4, 2014
Nanny State Group Questions Michelle Kwan's Dual Roles as Both Member of the President's Council on Fitness and Coca-Cola Ambassador February 18, 2014
Revenue-Hungry Rhode Island Seeks 80% Tax on Lifesaving E-Cigarettes February 13, 2014
E-Cigarette Super Bowl Ad Could Save Lives Because They Help Smokers Quit Smoking Tobacco January 31, 2014
Is Food Political? December 12, 2013
The Nanny State Can Get You Killed December 6, 2013
Big Apple "Voluntary" Composting Idea Stinks June 17, 2013
Risk Experts to New York City: Styrofoam Ban Would Be a Mistake March 11, 2013
Doctors Want Soda Taxes To Fund Government Meddling June 20, 2012
Soda Ban Slammed: Won't Help Obesity Problem, Restricts Freedom May 31, 2012
Junk Science Behind Latest Federal Obesity Studies May 9, 2012
Governor Patrick's Harmful Tax Increase Proposal Ignores (or Distorts) Science January 28, 2012
Group Calls "Foul" on Major League Baseball's Partnership with Radical Environmental Activists October 6, 2011

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