Jeff Stier
Jeff Stier
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Pundicity: Informed Opinion and Review

Audio & Video Clips

Title Publication Date
School Lunch Policy Discussion on Al Jazeera America On Target with Ali Velshi May 28, 2015
Should E-Cigarettes Be Treated Like Cigarettes? San Diego Public TV April 7, 2014
CNBC Interview on CVS's Health Screenings for Employees CNBC March 21, 2013
Food Police War On Soda: Polar Bear Edition CNBC's Closing Bell October 12, 2012
Larry Kudlow and I Discuss Mayor Bloombeg's Soda Ban CNBC September 13, 2012
On Good Day New York (Fox 5) I discuss Bloomberg Failure to Address West Nile Good Day NY September 12, 2012
Energy Drinks Under Fire CNBCs Closing Bell August 28, 2012

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