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Title Publication Date
Implementation of Reagan-Udall's Recommended Reforms for the Center for Tobacco Products Reforms The Federalist Society May 18, 2023
The FDA Needs More Reforms, Less Status Quo Inside Sources April 3, 2023
Activist Journalism Is Attempting to Pollute Science on Clean Air Regulations Real Clear Science March 23, 2023
The FDA tasks the Reagan-Udall Foundation with a whitewash review Washington Examiner September 17, 2022
FDA: Fix Department, ASAP Real Clear Policy September 14, 2022
Defying Markets to Promote Organics City Journal September 12, 2022
With claims against pharmacies, trial lawyers are becoming a public nuisance Washington Examiner June 9, 2022
Celebrity Influence Smacks of Disdain for Rationality Inside Sources May 18, 2022
Holding WHO Accountable City Journal April 18, 2022
Nicotine flavor ban: A lesson in why a bill should not become a law USA Today Network June 4, 2021
Let's Return Earth Day To Its Roots Issues & Insights April 20, 2021
Biden's Short List For FDA Commissioner: Between A Rock And A Hard Place Issues & Insights March 22, 2021
Even with vaccines, testing will take on greater role for America's COVID-19 recovery Fierce Healthcare February 9, 2021
The Real World Costs of Heavy-Handed Chemical Regulation The Federalist Society December 11, 2020
A Ban On Flavored E-cigarettes Would Harm Public Health Issues & Insights September 15, 2020
The WHO Follies, Redux Issues & Insights June 11, 2020
Irrational lockdown measures harm citizens and South Africa's economic future BizNews (South Africa) June 8, 2020
Public Health Agencies Care More About Controlling You Than Prepping For Pandemics The Federalist May 11, 2020
Nicotine Policy Should Not Be Exempt From Science Taxpayers Protection Alliance May 5, 2020
It's Past Time to Defund the World Health Organization The Bridge April 17, 2020
Nothing's 'Impossible' When It Comes To Innovation Issues & Insights March 2, 2020
A Vision for Tobacco Policy; 2020 Edition Real Clear Health February 7, 2020
Feeling the Pain of High Drug Prices? We Prescribe Market Forces Issues & Insights January 30, 2020
Bravo to the Undoing of Michelle Obama's 'Signature Achievement' American Greatness January 26, 2020
Yes, The FDA Is In Trouble, But The New York Times' Prescription Would Make It Worse The Federalist January 20, 2020
The Deep State Will Challenge the New FDA Head American Greatness December 19, 2019
The Curious Case of the FDA's Dog Food Fearmongering Townhall October 10, 2019
Green Activists Hate Trump More Than They Love Animals Daily Caller September 28, 2019
Politicians are scapegoating e-cigs for harm they haven't done New York Post September 17, 2019
Vaping Hysteria Will Mean More Tobacco Deaths Issues & Insights August 20, 2019
A Recipe for A Better World; Nine Parts Innovation, One Part Regulation Federalist Society June 26, 2019
Frivolous Lawsuits Against Scientific Innovation Are Just Another Form Of Socialism The Federalist June 18, 2019
Acknowledging The Good In the Bad April 12, 2019
Lower Drug Prices Without Harming Innovation Real Clear Health April 11, 2019
Cuomo's Out of Control Craving for an Opioid Slush Fund RealClear Policy March 21, 2019
Smokeless Tobacco Can Save Lives, But Only if Smokers Have All the Facts Real Clear Policy February 1, 2019
A Patently Reasonable Approach to Addressing Pharmaceutical Prices Morning Consult January 15, 2019
Both Parties Can Work Together to Lower Drug Prices Washington Examiner November 27, 2018
What is Scott Gottlieb Smoking Daily Caller November 18, 2018
Menthol ban will make a bad situation worse USA Today November 15, 2018
The Science-Based Community and E-Cigarettes American Greatness November 14, 2018
American Energy Fueled by Freedom, not Bailouts The Detroit News August 30, 2018
The President's Promise to Cut FDA Red Tape Daily Caller August 18, 2018
FDA's Anti-Smoking Strategy Puts Lives At Risk Real Clear Health July 26, 2018
Submission to the FDA: Flavor Bans on Less Harmful Products Submission to FDA July 20, 2018
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ban National Review July 17, 2018
USDA Moves to End Rent-Seeking in Poultry Industry American Greatness July 11, 2018
Jeff Stier: When environmentalists oppose science catallaxyfiles July 10, 2018
Comments to FDA on Tobacco Product Standard for Nicotine Level of Combusted Cigarettes Submission to FDA July 10, 2018
USDA Is Supposed to Regulate Animal Health, Not Animal Happiness Regulation June 16, 2018
California's java joke is a wakeup call on cancer warnings The Mercury News June 8, 2018
San Francisco's Flavor Ban Snuffs Out Federal Efforts to Cut Smoking Consumer Choice Center June 4, 2018
FDA should be applauded for finally enforcing the law on illegal e-cig sales to youth, but must speak out about benefits to smokers Consumer Choice Center April 24, 2018
Earth Day: More About Hurling Tomatoes Than Planting Them American Greatness April 24, 2018
Earth Day has embraced hysteria and abandoned science April 20, 2018
EPA Controversy Is Politics, Polluted The American Spectator April 17, 2018
Patent foolishness on Capitol Hill Washington Examiner April 6, 2018
This flawed UN health agency threatens America's food supply. Foxnews.Com March 2, 2018
American Cancer Society Finally Recognizes Benefits Of E-Cigs Consumer Choice Center February 22, 2018
Congressional oversight weeds out corrupt international junk science Washington Examiner February 16, 2018
Tom Steyer's Strange Denial Of His Central Role In Climate Change Litigation Gets Fishier Daily Caller December 31, 2017
It's High Time To Cut U.S. Funding For This Troubled International Cancer Agency The Federalist December 19, 2017
Modified Risk Tobacco Product Applications for the Philip Morris International Tobacco Heating System, or IQOS. Submission to FDA Docket August 29, 2017
Vape Fear New York Post August 11, 2017
New FDA Tobacco Proposal Embraces Harm Reduction National Center for Public Policy Research July 30, 2017
Is $13.7 Billion a Good Price for Whole Foods? National Review June 30, 2017
Senate misstep will cost jobs and energy The Detroit News June 22, 2017
Stop Funding WHO Until It Cleans Up Its Act National Review June 14, 2017
Will the EPA Abandon the Science of Risk? Real Clear Policy May 23, 2017
Promote Health by Not Defending the E-Cigarette Ban National Review May 16, 2017
Bill to Divest from Fossil Fuel Is a Senate Power Grab That Will Hurt New Yorkers Observer May 8, 2017
Earth Day has become polluted by ideology and ignorance Learn Liberty, A Project of IHS April 20, 2017
Who's Getting Money from NIH? National Review April 3, 2017
Congress Can Make Regulators Accountable National Review March 23, 2017
Michelle Obama And Chef Tom Colicchio Form A Misguided Partnership Forbes February 22, 2017
The Environmentalist War On Science Daily Caller February 1, 2017
Shining a Light on Midnight Regulations National Center for Public Policy Research January 30, 2017
Fixing FDA is literally a matter of life and death The HIll January 19, 2017
The EPA Shows Again That It's an Affront to Common Sense National Review Online November 23, 2016
New EPA methane rules spell disaster for American economy The Hill November 8, 2016
Trump and Clinton both wrong on ethanol The Detroit News October 13, 2016
Is Whole Foods Channeling Tony Soprano? Forbes October 13, 2016
Sinnovation Adam Smith Institute September 27, 2016
Shoddy Science Shields Paternalistic Pop Tax Real Clear Health September 8, 2016
To Fight Climate Change Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Deputizes Thought Police New York Observer September 7, 2016
Is Vaping Bad For You? Is It Safe? Experts Weigh In Wallet Hub August 25, 2016
Congress Must Do More to Combat Unaccountable Bureaucrats' Funding of Junk Science National Review August 22, 2016
Democrats' barriers to free speech The Washington Times August 17, 2016
Drilling Down on Rent Seeking Dentists August 14, 2016
The Obama Administration lacks transparency, resists oversight The Hill's Congress Blog August 11, 2016
Checks And Balances Are Critical To Public Health Forbes July 28, 2016
Regulating Pleasure: National Center for Public Policy Research Sponsors a Debate with Consumers, Public Health and Policy Experts at London's Royal Society of Medicine NCPPR Media July 13, 2016
Q&A: Defending Electronic Cigarettes to the White House CSP News July 13, 2016
New EPA emissions report threatens Alabama industries Mobile Press-Register July 5, 2016
Testimony in Washington State Assembly Commerce & Gaming Committee Washington State Legislature June 29, 2016
Whole Foods Goes From Defrauding Consumers To Endangering Them June 29, 2016
School Lunch Shouldn't Be Middle-Class Welfare The Federalist June 24, 2016
The Nanny State Advances National Center Press Release June 17, 2016
American Docs Need to Learn From Royal College of Physicians Morning Consult June 6, 2016
Cell phones cause cancer? Think-tank fellow pooh-poohs that CNBC May 27, 2016
Health Insurers Find Back Door to Limit Choice USA Today May 26, 2016
FDA went way too far on e-cigarettes: USA Today May 6, 2016
University Researchers Put Fracking Politics Before Science Newsweek April 24, 2016
Down with Dissenters! National Review Online April 5, 2016
'GMO' Labeling We Don't Need--And Won't Get March 16, 2016
Toward saner drug pricing Washington Times February 21, 2016
Your Favorite Restaurant Menu Is About To Change If Obama Gets His Way Independent Journal Review February 12, 2016
Your Burger Is Killing the Planet, Say the Climatarians National Review Online January 19, 2016
Cut meat consumption to combat climate change? Bah, humbug! Tribune News Service December 24, 2015
The Climate Agenda Behind the Bacon Scare The Wall Street Journal November 10, 2015
Common Sense Needed for Consumer Product Regulation Inside Sources November 5, 2015
Risk Expert Says Calls to Stop Serving Processed Meats in Schools Should Be Rejected NCPPR Media October 28, 2015
End Impunity for Tax Slackers, Cheaters and Crooks Roll Call October 26, 2015
Kids Need Fruits And Veggies, Not False Alarms About Food Risks Forbes October 21, 2015
So Fat and Salt Aren't So Bad for Us National Review Online October 14, 2015
Solving School Lunch Program Fraud, Washington Style Roll Call September 25, 2015
Michelle Obama's 'Healthy' School Lunches National Review Online September 10, 2015
E-cigarettes not a path to smoking Baltimore Sun August 30, 2015
Free Lunch for Everyone LifeZette August 5, 2015
Whole Foods Caught With Their Thumb On The Scale And Their Hand In Your Pocket Forbes July 15, 2015
Is free school lunch the next great American entitlement program? The Hill July 1, 2015
The School Lunch Program With an Unappetizing Report Card The Wall Street Journal June 17, 2015
School Lunch Policy Discussion on Al Jazeera America On Target with Ali Velshi May 28, 2015
Activists blur distinction between animal welfare, rights San Diego Union-Tribune May 21, 2015
Mark Bittman's 'A Bone To Pick' Continues His War On Food Forbes May 19, 2015
Stupid-Strategy Sweepstakes: Home Depot vs. Lowe's National Review Online May 11, 2015
GMO: Gimmicky Marketing Obfuscations National Review May 1, 2015
The Politics of Tu B'Shvat Commentary April 29, 2015
No, the Culinary Is Not Political National Review March 31, 2015
Feds to Ban Kids' Soft Plastic Toys for No Good Reason The Toy Book March 26, 2015
Don't Dump Dumbo USA Today March 22, 2015
Jeff Stier testifies at Connecticut joint House / Senate Public Health Committee hearing on E-cigarette regulations March 11, 2015
Schneiderman's Supplement Scam New York Observer February 26, 2015
Will Gov. Snyder drop the ball on e-cigs? The Detroit News January 15, 2015
Rally behind e-cigarettes: Opposing view USA Today December 16, 2014
Don't believe radical animal activists' smear tactics Washington Times November 22, 2014
Over-regulation of e-cigarettes will lead to dire public health consequences Cleveland Plain Dealer November 11, 2014
Over-regulation defeats the purpose of e-cigarettes Baltimore Sun November 4, 2014
Council's new bill to boost smoking New York Post October 22, 2014
Food Fight: Can Food Companies Help Battle Obesity? Politix September 18, 2014
Calling for a different approach to tobacco and nicotine regulation EuroActiv August 24, 2014
Raising taxes on certain foods, drinks does little to fight obesity Houston Chronicle August 16, 2014
Iowan's USDA appointment raises concern The Des Moines Register July 18, 2014
You Can't Sugarcoat Distasteful Legislation Forbes June 18, 2014
The Christie-and-Kasich Tax Show National Review Online June 16, 2014
Celebrity-Studded Anti-Obesity Film Is Pure Propaganda Politix June 2, 2014
Consumer Groups Fight Back Against Junk Science Tactics Politix May 27, 2014
Nanny Bloomberg's Food Police Go National The Daily Caller April 28, 2014
Obama administration pollutes guidelines for healthy eating with unhealthy ideologies Washington Examiner March 9, 2014
Senator Charles Schumer Calls for Ban on Chemical Used in Bread that Obama's FDA Says is Safe as Used National Center for Public Policy Research February 10, 2014
At 'HuffPo' Fearmongering Is an Olympic Sport February 4, 2014
Blowing smoke over e-cig ad New York Post February 3, 2014
Iowa should tread carefully on e-cigarette rules Des Moines Register January 29, 2014
In Defense of E-cigarettes Politix January 2, 2014
Bloomberg trying to ban e-cigarettes is silly New York Post December 16, 2013
Why Won't HHS Approve Crucial Flu Vaccine? Politix November 27, 2013
City Hall legislating in the shadows New York Post October 16, 2013
With Its Soda Tax, Mexico Repeats The Mistakes Of Mayor Bloomberg Forbes October 10, 2013
Mandatory Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Foods Deserves A Warning Label Of Its Own Forbes October 9, 2013
The EU, US approaches to endocrine disruptors have been appropriate until now Euractiv October 2, 2013
E-CIGARETTE REGULATION: Take sensible approach to help smokers quit New Straits Times August 19, 2013
A Stinging Rebuke of Anti-Agriculture Environmental Activists Politix / Topix July 22, 2013
Mayor Bloomberg's Proposed Styrofoam Ban Is Anti-Business And Anti-Consumer Forbes July 19, 2013
The Right Way to Fight Obesity Defining Ideas June 19, 2013
Frankenfood? Mutant wheat not a health threat Rare June 13, 2013
How Much of Food Activism Is Nonsense? Regulation, Cato Institute Summer, 2013
Food Fight Divides Left Huffington Post June 5, 2013
For a Responsible Approach to Bee Health, Ignore the Activists Huffington Post May 24, 2013
Activism vs. The Rule of Law Defining Ideas; Hoover Institution May 22, 2013
Free market has real solutions to obesity crisis Washington Examiner May 21, 2013
How Much Of Food Activism Is New Age, Airy-Fairy Nonsense? Forbes May 15, 2013
Ideologically Contaminated Produce Shopper's Guide Undermines Health Huffington Post May 3, 2013
On E-cigarettes The Economist April 6, 2013
Obama's EPA: Cloak and Banner Huffington Post April 5, 2013
Sin Taxes Should at Least Reflect Risk Huffington Post April 2, 2013
B'berg's ban bull New York Post March 12, 2013
Animal Rights Groups Seem Benevolent But Are In Fact Radical Investor's Business Daily January 18, 2013
The Obesity Police Turn A Solvable Problem Into A Needless War Forbes January 15, 2013
Snus saga: An unfortunate illustration of the TPD proposal fiasco EUROPOLITICS January 7, 2013
Circus prevails in elephantine struggle Orange County Register January 4, 2013
The Food Police Lay The Groundwork For A 2013 Food Fight Forbes January 3, 2013
Front Page Felonies January 2, 2013
Letter to Editor: Less is More Jerusalem Post December 4, 2012
Chemical fight offers early look at Obama's second-term EPA Washington Examiner December 3, 2012
A Wrong Target on Smoking International Herald Tribune / Korea JoongAng Daily November 12, 2012
Organic Food: Lies, Damned Lies & Dr. Oz Real Clear Science October 30, 2012
A Lack of Government Transparency October 24, 2012
Risking the public health New York Post September 5, 2012
EPA's Action Doesn't Match Its Rhetoric August 28, 2012
The Danger Of Global Warnings For Every Perceived Risk Forbes August 22, 2012
There Are A Thousand Ways To Do An Experiment Wrong August 22, 2012
Junk science about junk food Washington Examiner August 20, 2012
Oversight of CDC Grants Is Necessary Roll Call July 31, 2012
Current events call for timely missile policy The Hill's Congress Blog July 9, 2012
"Oasis" Film Is An Intellectual Desert Forbes June 6, 2012
Another casualty of Obamacare: Transparency Washington Examiner May 31, 2012
Obesity forecast is overblown Newsday May 9, 2012
FDA Dietary Regs Go Beyond Science and the Law Breitbart's Big Government May 8, 2012
Anti-Technology Activists Are The Real Slime Forbes April 26, 2012
How Canada Gets Chemical Regulation Right Real Clear Policy April 19, 2012
Good Housekeeping, Polluted April 17, 2012
The Real 'Pink Slime' Agenda New York Post April 6, 2012
It's Time for the NRDC to Stop Its BPA Escapade April 2, 2012
The Cigarette Smokescreen Defining Ideas March 21, 2012
No Kugel for you! New York Post March 19, 2012
Avastin Should Be Re-Approved For Breast Cancer Forbes March 14, 2012
Cuts to SM-3 missile funding send wrong message to Iran The Hill's Congress Blog March 2, 2012
Don't put down polystyrene Orange County Register February 7, 2012
There's good reason for lower taxes on smokeless tobacco Baltimore Sun January 24, 2012
When Bureaucrats Stymie Science Defining Ideas January 14, 2012
Reflections About Dr. Chris Raines from a Friend, Colleague, and Follower National Center Blog December 19, 2011
RAD needs your support today December 13, 2011
There's Something Not Kosher About The Sustainability Movement National Center for Public Policy Research blog December 7, 2011
The Happy Meal Ban Flops National Review Online December 1, 2011
Senate missile defense strategy strikes right balance The Hill November 2, 2011
A Confused And Confusing CDC October 18, 2011
Cleaning Up The EWG's Dirty Dozen September 28, 2011
The New York Times's Flexible Journalistic Standards The Daily Caller September 21, 2011
The War on E-Cigarettes National Review Online September 19, 2011
What is the Proper Role of the U.S. Surgeon General? National Center Blog August 28, 2011
Do snus and e-cigarettes need a health warning? The Guardian August 19, 2011
Fat-uous Approaches To the Obesity Problem August 17, 2011
Greens Squeeze Impoverished Out of Jobs National Center for Public Policy Research blog August 14, 2011
Fishy Legislation Defining Ideas, The Hoover Institution August 12, 2011
The Great 9/11 Dust Debate August 9, 2011
The Perils of Patient Activism July 26, 2011
A political (franken)fish story The Hill July 25, 2011
The CIA's costly vaccination program The Daily Caller July 16, 2011
Nanny Runs Amok Defining Ideas, A Hoover Institution Journal July 13, 2011
Regulating Junk Food Advertising July 13, 2011
Smoking Bans and Evidence National Review Online June 27, 2011
Obama healthcare: Government, heal thyself Los Angeles Times June 3, 2011
The CDC is subsidizing left-wing activist groups The Daily Caller June 1, 2011
Sane Sin Tax Policy Must Reflect Risks June 1, 2011
Waste And Bad Judgment Sprout At The USDA Forbes May 10, 2011
Campaign has been reasonable and well-grounded McClatchy-Tribune News Service April 21, 2011
Don't Ban Useful Medicines April 18, 2011
Libertarian Paternalism, Twisted National Review Online April 14, 2011
Obamacare's big bucks The Hill April 4, 2011
Pointless panic on PCBs New York Post March 4, 2011
Celebrities Should Stick To Their Song And Dance February 28, 2011
The EPA's Latest Unscientific Power Grab February 23, 2011
Don't buy into the chromium-6 hysteria San Jose Mercury News January 11, 2011
Want to Quit Smoking? FDA regulations make it harder to do The Vacaville Reporter December 30, 2010
Avastin shouldn't make the FDA give up on 'accelerated approval' of drugs The Los Angeles Times August 17, 2010
NY Times Reporter Honored For Activism Disguised as Journalism June 21, 2010
Haitian 'Social Justice' Groups Want to Burn Aid National Review Online: The Corner June 2, 2010
In Scientific Research, It's Full Disclosure for Thee, Not For Me May 19, 2010
The Government and the Food Safety Modernization Act May 3, 2010
Stimulus spending meets bad health ideas The Washington Examiner April 20, 2010
Activists Seek To Derail Agriculture Forbes April 2, 2010
9/11 Junk Science The New York Post March 24, 2010
How Obama Can Quit Smoking Forbes March 9, 2010
Taxpayer-paid prayer? The New York Post November 16, 2009
Stop The (Health Reform) Juggernaut Forbes November 13, 2009
Shutting off the miracle-drug spigot The New York Post November 7, 2009
Council votes to boost butts The New York Post October 16, 2009
A Dangerous Cost-Cutting Prescription Forbes September 8, 2009
The drugs do work The Guardian August 21, 2009
Putting organ traffickers out of business The Guardian July 24, 2009
I Choose Risk Forbes June 19, 2009
The EPA's Protection Racket National Review Online June 9, 2009
House lights up FDA regulation The Washington Times April 6, 2009
The Empire Strikes Back Forbes March 24, 2009
Obama's Latest Troubling Appointments With The FDA Forbes March 18, 2009
The wrong way to fix the FDA The Guardian March 15, 2009
What Hurts Smokers And Helps Cigarette Companies? Forbes March 4, 2009
When Suing Companies Means Harming Patients Forbes February 27, 2009
How 'Child Safety' May Kill NYC Jobs The New York Post January 28, 2009
Dr. Tom's New Folly The New York Post July 22, 2008
Exploiting 9/11 The New York Post June 26, 2008
Will smoking past affect Obama's health? Politico May 28, 2008
Obama's Health The Huffington Post April 18, 2008
Paper Bags: Roach City The New York Post April 16, 2008
Sick Kids Misused in Smoke Ads The Huffington Post March 19, 2008
'Safety' Insanity The New York Post February 20, 2008
ABC's Autism Outrage The New York Post January 31, 2008
Banning the (New) Lightbulb The Huffington Post January 7, 2008
Riskometer Tells You What News Stories Leave Out The Huffington Post December 18, 2007
9/11 Health Hype The New York Post December 7, 2007
Mourning TV's AM News The Huffington Post December 5, 2007
Secondhand Smoke Exaggerations Challenged The Huffington Post November 13, 2007
Facing the Facts on Fat The New York Post November 9, 2007
Smoke and Mirrors The New York Post October 23, 2007
A Cancer non-Epidemic The New York Post October 17, 2007
Drug Side Effects Up, But Benefits Up More The Huffington Post September 12, 2007
Modern Living Blamed for Non-Existent Cancer Epidemic The Huffington Post August 9, 2007
Organ-Trading is Not so Weird The Huffington Post August 8, 2007
Ending Black Market in Organs The New York Post August 7, 2007
Say No to Discrimination Against Food's Nationality The Huffington Post June 30, 2007
Thou Shalt Drive Safely - Yet Smoke The Huffington Post June 20, 2007
Blood for Sale The Huffington Post June 13, 2007
F is for Fat - A Bad Idea The Huffington Post June 11, 2007
Foolish Celebrity Statement of the Day, from Matt Lauer The Huffington Post May 30, 2007
In Defense of OxyContin The Huffington Post May 27, 2007
No Precautionary Principle When It Comes to Dubious Vitamins The Huffington Post May 17, 2007
The Season of Misconception The Huffington Post May 10, 2007
Technology Brings Better Mangoes The Huffington Post May 3, 2007
Organic Food a Detriment To Public Health The Huffington Post April 24, 2007
A Painful Decision The Huffington Post April 17, 2007

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Food Police: A Well-Fed Manifesto About the Politics of Your Plate
by Jayson Lusk
New York Post April 21, 2013
The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition Since 1800
by Christopher Snowdon
Reason Magazine January 2012

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