Jeff Stier
Jeff Stier
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Jeff Stier in the Media

Title Publication Date
Will salt warnings in food work? Experts debate NCPPR Blog December 1, 2015
Analyst wonders what's in the sugar in NY OneNewsNow April 15, 2015
Left-wing activists a bigger problem than salt in your diet OneNewsNow April 8, 2015
Obama gum gaffe in China sparks humorous e-cigarette campaign The Washington Times November 11, 2014
UN TARGETS E-CIGARETTES Sun News, August 31, 2014
Should E-Cigarettes Be Treated Like Cigarettes? San Diego Public TV April 7, 2014
CNBC Interview on CVS's Health Screenings for Employees CNBC March 21, 2013
Nanny state's real agenda has nothing to do with saving lives The Washington Examiner March 16, 2013
Attacking obesity, one can at a time Reuters February 6, 2013
Food Police War On Soda: Polar Bear Edition CNBC's Closing Bell October 12, 2012
Larry Kudlow and I Discuss Mayor Bloombeg's Soda Ban CNBC September 13, 2012
On Good Day New York (Fox 5) I discuss Bloomberg Failure to Address West Nile Good Day NY September 12, 2012
Energy Drinks Under Fire CNBCs Closing Bell August 28, 2012
Could alcohol-regulation policies tame U.S. obesity epidemic? NewsWorks WHYY Public Radio in Philadelphia August 24, 2012

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